Melissi was one of the world's first fully digital language labs, and over the last twenty years has continued to develop to answer the needs of schools and universities world-wide. Teaching and learning has always been the first priority. We believe that technology should be the servant of teachers and students, and not the master.

  • The Melissi Digital Classroom (MDC) is a powerful language lab with very high-quality networked speech and a variety of useful elements.
  • The Virtual Interpreting System (VIS) emulates a conference interpreting suite for interpreter training and provides innovative methods for interpreters to practise their demanding skills.
  • Captions, as the name implies, provides a simple - but powerful - subtitling program for learners to master the basics of translating speech into succinct and well-timed captions.
  • Each of these programs may be bought separately or bundled . In all cases, we provide a very cost-effective and flexible site licence which permits installation on any campus, staff or student computer. 

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