We regret to inform you that the owner of Melissi, Jim Hawkins, sadly died on 13th February. We know that he will be greatly missed by many. If you would like to get in touch with someone regarding Jim or his work, please email iammarthahawkins@gmail.com


As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, we have a some good news.

The Virtual interpreting System IVIS) has a new offspring - KOSMOS. Many people have been asking for the ability to add remote connection to VIS for those situations where some, or all, participants are forced to work at home. Well, now they can! Here are some of the main features of this radically new development:

  • Kosmos can be set up to function as an on-campus lab installation; a lab installation which permits mixed lab and distributed working; a totally global system with no on-campus requirements.
  • High-quality networked speech using the latest technology.
  • Easy movement of source files to participants.
  • Server file storage machine independence.
  • Video file size reduction - useful for uploading in other systems as well as Kosmos
  • Automatic upload of interpreter recordings to the server.
  • Chat room (can be switched on or off for exams) and messaging.
  • Excellent timed-text interpretation with extremely easy authoring.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
  • Timed-text system with very easy authoring.
  • Download audio or video files from web pages.
  • Ability to render new audio or video files incorporating the interpretation.
  • Server software included. Or we can quote to provide a dedicated, managed,  server.
  • Public, staff only and student work folders on the server
  • Low cost. Perpetual licence: buy once, keep for ever.
  • Generous terms allow installation on any staff or student computer on or off campus.
  • Full support and remote training.
  • Version released August 2021
Superb discount for existing VIS users!

For more details just email support@melissi.co.uk

JIm Hawkins and the Melissi team.