V I S - 5.7

The all-new VIS software completely emulates a conference interpreting system. It also provides excellent facilities for students to practise interpreting on their own. Here are some features:

  • VIS is entirely software. The only additional hardware you may need is a decent microphone headset.
  • Staff have full control and monitoring, and can speak to individual students or many.
  • "Delegates" or interpreters can listen to up to four different speakers at varying levels. This enables in-session comparison of different interpreters and also relay interpreting.
  • Individual interpreters' sessions may be recorded and automatically transmitted to the staff computer.
  • In "solo" mode, students can record their interpretation of an audio or video source. Simultaneous and consecutive modes are available.
  • As of version 5.6 it is possible to mix the audio of both source and target into a new audio track, with full control of the relative levels.
  • An unprecedented feature allows a new video to be created, replacing the source sound track with a mixed track. This revolutionary feature makes evaluation far easier, since the resulting MP4 or other file will play on almost any device.
  • Custom installation if required.