Melissi Digital Classroom

MDC consists of a staff control program and a student program. These are networked together for "live" classroom sessions.

The main features are:

  • Excellent networked speech for simulating telephone calls.
  • Staff can speak to one or many students, or simply monitor them.
  • Almost any audio or video file type may be used, including videos downloaded from YouTube. Video may be resized, including full-screen.
  • Excellent recording quality and playback.
  • Audio or video may be cut to produce a shorter clip of the same quality.
  • New picture viewer is very high quality, and easily resized.
  • Unicode word processor can handle any language.
  • File transfer to and from student computers.
  • Staff may view and interact with student displays.
  • Exercise "packages" hold all materials for work.
  • Central archive and User system may be used for full student self-study.
  • Staff may create groups for their specialist subject and allocate students to them. Work can be placed in them for self-study.
  • Staff may remote-control student media players.
  • Very flexible permissions system allows staff to permit or exclude various student activities.
  • "Slow mode" slows down audio or video playback with no change of sound pitch, if permitted. (Many tutors turn this off for more advanced students).
  • Forum and email mode can develop skills for communicating with social media in a second language.
  • Plenary mode for complete group comment.

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