Captions 5

Creating subtitles is a great exercise for almost all levels of language learning. Major subtitling programs are unnecessarily fiddly and complicated for the purposes of language teaching. This package provides an easy interface for first-time users, provides all the core skills for a career in the field - and what's more, it will produce high-quality output videos embedding the subtitles suitable not just for assessment but for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo.

Captions 5 does not require the entire Melissi suite to function, but has some integration with Melissi systems to transfer files and so on.

  • Fully Unicode editor can use almost all languages.
  • Video subsystem can use most video types.
  • Easy interface allows "spotting" and jumping to individual captions for editing.
  • Coloured text at any point, even parts of a line.
  • Fast performance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Video rendering for final production is vital for easy assessment and for students to get a "feel" for what works and doesn't work.
  • Audio graph allows users to anticipate coming speech for easy "spotting."
Like all Melissi programs, Captions is frequently updated to include new features. February 2020 update includes:

  • Highly accurate frame placement.
  • Ability to use Dragon for real-time "re-speak" captions.
  • Video downloader to enable staff to grab video from internet sites
  • Time-limited free demo.
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